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Hey,Start Reading on Meditation & Example of Video Creation.

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Video on meditation

Meditation: It is a practice in which an individual trains the mind. Different types of meditation practice present in the world. Built Internal Energy so you can do your task easy. Music help people with soft heart to enjoy meditation. Some People Not Require Music For Meditation because they already achieve something in field of meditation. You can see energy going into sky in video. Observe not only good music but also realise that something built in video. That is meditation life cycle. When you start watching this video just few built up of mountain in that. As you go full built of energy in mountain. Even in the dark your light not dull. As you achieve maximum height of meditation. Symbol look like mountain is your upper part of head energy which fill with meditation energy. As you practice one by one step your energy fill up. Even with first built you realize flow of energy around you. This video is all about Meditation life cycle.
Style :Close Eye & Concentrate In Body.(Life Cycle for Normal People)
1)No Enegy ->Never Done Meditation Before.
2)Start looking good ->You just try meditation for some minutes(10 or 20 or 30 )for 2-3 weeks.
3)Great Enegy -> You achieve something.1 year with meditation.
4)Extream Energy ->More than 3-4 years.Meditation looks like small games.
5)Down energy -> This Happen To People Normally .In All 1,2,3,4 Step if you spend much time with gap means energy level down.
Tuesday->No Meditation
Wednesday->No Meditation
Thursday ->Meditation With less time only 1-2 minutes.
All meditation in that week =Meditation With 10 Minute.
6)Stable Energy ->Depend on your mind always some stable energy present in you. With Meditation it will increase.
This is just observation not full research. For more refer notes from Swami Vivekananda.
Enjoy Music & Creativeness in Video !!

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